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Reduced sleep is a big problem, for me anyway, if I don’t get at least 7 hours a night I feel groggy the next day, lucky you if you can live on less, whatever your usually sleep requirement you do not want these humid summer nights and a sauna like bedroom reducing it.

To sleep we need to drop our body temperature, here’s a few ways to help do that.

  • Have a tepid shower before bed (a cold one may wake you up).

  • Sleep with only a sheet.

  • Reduce your quilt to a light summer quilt if you use one at all.

  • Wear lighter, thinner nightwear.

  • Keep hydrated, drink lots of water throughout the day, not too much before bedtime or you’ll be going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  • Keep alcohol to a minimum before bedtime as it dehydrates you and disturbs your sleep.

  • A fan will circulate the air, putting a bowl of cold water in front of the fan will cool the air.

  • Air the bedroom before bedtime to reduce the temperature.

  • Lastly, and this is good learning for me, close your windows and curtains in the day to keep out the heat.

Thank you and good night! (Hopefully)


How to sleep well and keep cool at night in a heat wave (wakeupwithzest.com)

  • sherriethorley

Taking care of yourself, it seems easier said than done, trying to carve out some time in the day for yourself or choosing what is good for you instead of going with the chooses others are making around you is challenging. Somehow, we must find the space and time to do this, even if it’s in small ways, because the healthier you are the more improved your physical health, the more protected your mental health, you reduce stress and anxiety, and it can lead to better relationships….so, what is self-care.

Firstly, it is not new, it is about making conscious and deliberate choices that look after you and your wellbeing, because it’s about your physical and mental wellbeing it is personal to you. It really can be quite simple, it’s anything that you do for yourself that makes you feel better and cared for, this could be as simple as making the time to have a haircut, a bath, or making the bed with those lovely cushions …yes, I know what you’re thinking, these are basic things, but it can be this simple.

Here are some low-cost examples of self-care choices.

· Get a good night’s sleep

· Drink lots of water

· Go for a brisk walk

· Take a relaxing bath

· Say no to something you don’t want to do

· Listen to your favourite music

· Watch your favourite film

· Make something healthy yet delicious for dinner

· Make a list of five or more things you like about yourself

· Spend time with loved ones

Self-care is an important part of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to involve a huge time commitment or cost the earth and committing to selfcare will improve your health and wellbeing all round.

I’ll go further into each of these topics going forward. There is a medical interpretation of the words self-care in that you actively make healthy lifestyle choices or take an active part in managing long term conditions. I will talk to this in another blog.