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Nourished by Nature

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Here in the UK we have access to a lot of greenery; our gardens, fields and wood lands with lots of protected foot paths across the country, and there is no place better than Shropshire for its outstanding natural beauty. The picture I’ve used here is of the start of a walk over The Lawley, near Church Stretton, it is breath-taking.

Scientific studies have proven the therapeutic value of being in nature and more specifically, trees. Taking a walk does not cost anything but time and it really is an investment in your mental and physical health, not only is it good for your cardiovascular health, but it also reduces your cortisol, (stress hormone) and your pulse rate and blood pressure not only because you are moving your body but trees give off phytoncides, these stimulate white blood cells, these cells fight infection and are essential to a healthy immune system. *

It really is lovely to be outside with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair listening to the sound of the breeze through the trees. It helps us move into a good head space, a place more positive and appreciative, it is a type of nourishment or medicine that helps us move away from the stresses of the day.

Here is a few tips to help us take advantage of what we have...

  • If you cannot find 30mins in one chunk take 10mins here and there.

  • Take a mental break from your thoughts, try and leave them at home.

  • Leave your tech at home, it’s ok to not be on social media for 30mins.

  • Be inquisitive, take the time to observe the trees and shrubs you are walking through, what are they, what shape are the leaves, what colour green, how does the light show through the leaf canopy.

  • Spend a little time in silence, if you are with someone take some time to just be in the environment.

Maybe we can all benefit from a little time walking in nature...


E Niimi Longhurst, 2018, Japonisme, Thorsons


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