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Acupuncture Therapy Shrewsbury, Acupuncture Clinic

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is...

Acupuncture has been extensively used for over 2000 years and has a growing body of evidence-based research discovering its benefits for a wide range of health conditions. It is recognised by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and the World Health Organisation as being an effective treatment.

It is drug free, pain free, non-invasive treatment that encourages the body to heal itself by stimulating internal resources such as pain relief, anti-inflammatories, and hormones. 

The diagnostic process establishes the cause of the problem, and the treatment plan restores overall balance to resolved issues and maintain a health body and mind.

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I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), they are the leading self-regulating body for the practice of Traditional Acupuncture in the UK and is approved by the Professional Standard Authority.


They provide members with a wide range of services to facility practice and ensure high standards are met.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the highest professional standards of practice for acupuncture in the UK.

  • Overseeing and accrediting acupuncture education to ensure excellence in training.

  • Funding evidence-based clinical research on the benefits of Traditional Acupuncture


As a member I am bound by the Councils stringent Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics.

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